Watec 24-hour camera

The wide dynamic range and high sensitivity offer you the ability to use these 24-hour Watec camera modules in situations where light amount varies during the time of day. Concealed in a housing these modules can be integrated into monitoring systems with various applications such as observing visitors, gates, carports etc.

A variaty of lenses is available to create a package that suits your specific application. Take a look at the lenses available and see which lens fits the 24-hour camera module of your preference.

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Watec color camera

A number of Watec color cameras are available. From modules equiped with HD to high sensitivity image sensors which can be applied in various industrial processes and production environments. From standard size modules to cilindrical to board cameras, fixed directly on a printed circuit board.

The modules which make use of miniature lenses come with such lenses as standard equipment. Of course, multiple options are available. Most regular combinations can be found in our shop.
If you cannot find the combination of your preference please, contact us.

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Watec monochrome camera

The new Watec WAT-910HX monochrome camera series provide for astonishing performance in capturing video deep into the darkness without the need for IR illuminators and with only minimal ambient lighting. Perfect for applications where IR illuminators are unwanted, or are out of range of the targets.

The slow shutter feature and our unique circuit design realizes all of this without the use of expensive amplification circuits in the CCD image sensor.

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