Watec Camera Shop

The Watec Camera Shop, based in the Netherlands, is an importer of Watec CCD cameras. We deliver in the whole European Union, and further. We can supply each camera from the Watec product range! Our webshop is directly linked to the international Watec website. Therefore, the range is always up to date and ready to ship.


Watec produces more than 20 years of compact, lightweight CCD cameras and is the leader of miniaturization in the camera industry. By adhering to their own design philosophy and the quest for versatility and ease of installation Watec cameras can be found in many applications. See for examples at Applications.

  • The products of Watec distinguish themselves from the market by a good quality-price ratio.
  • Please contact us for information, prices or orders.

Supplier of cameras and more

The Watec camera modules are distributed through wateccamerashop.com by Camtronics BV, a company with knowledge and experience. As a specialist in the disciplines of camera technology, electronics and mechatronics, we can provide you with service and advice. Camtronics has extensive experience in the development and engineering of camera technology. Camtronics is always seeking to provide the best service there is.

For the most diverse applications Camtronics is your partner, for Watec camera modules as complete camera systems. For more information about watec camera contact us.