Watec 120N+

The Watec 120N+ was a camera module that was often used for astronomical purposes. The camera was often connectec to a telescope or other instruments which needed large exposure time. It came with a remote control which offered the user the ability to change various settings of the WAT-120N+ camera module.

WAT-120N+ discontinued

The WAT-120N+ is no longer available, it has been discontinued. It has a replacement in the form of the Watec WAT-910HX. This camera module is a good alternative for the WAT-120N+ and when the user opts for the WAT-910HX/RC (which comes with a remote control) he or she is able to change settings as desired.

Successor WAT-910HX

As the successor of the WAT-120N+ the WAT-910HX offers improved low light sensitivity and better performance in general. For more information click one of the buttons below, or go directly to our webshop.

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