Watec WAT-902

The WAT-902 name is actually a collective name for a variaty of camera modules made by Watec Ltd. Generally speaking, all the WAT 902 modules are monochrome camera's often used in low light situations. The differences between te various models are caused mainly by size of the module housing, image chip and functionality.

WAT 902 Models

Below we've summed up the most important differences of the various WAT-902 modules.

  • WATEC 1/2" WAT-902B: One of the first WAT-902 modules with a number of adjustable features.
  • WATEC 1/3" WAT-902H3 SUPREME: same size as the WAT-902B, improved WAT-902H
  • WATEC 1/3" WAT-902H3 ULTIMATE: low light (near IR spectrum) and multi functions
  • WATEC 1/2" WAT-902H2 SUPREME: same size as the WAT-902B, improved WAT-902H, larger CCD chip (unit cell size), lower minimum illumination
  • WATEC 1/2" WAT-902H2 ULTIMATE: less minimum illumination required and larger CCD chip (unit cell size) as with 1/3" WAT-902H3 ULTIMATE, more shutter speeds available as with WATEC 1/2" WAT-902H2 SUPREME

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